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1:1 Acceptable Use Policy

Device ownership

iPads issued for student use are the sole property of Sandusky Central Catholic School. iPads are permitted to be removed from the school ground for home use. Student assumes responsibility for loss, theft, or damage at all times, whether home or at school.

Upon unenrollment from the school iPads are to be returned on the students last day of classes. Failure to return an iPad will result in the full cost of a replacement billed to the student’s guardian.

All iPads will be returned to the school at the completion of each school year for summer storage. Unless circumstances prevent it, students will be reissued the same iPad yearly.

This device is issued as an academic tool and should be treated as such. Students are not to jailbreak or modify their device in any way.


Students are not permitted to loan their iPad to anyone for their use. This includes family members, friends and classmates.

Loss or Theft

Students are responsible for the loss of their school issued iPad. If the iPad is lost students will be assessed the cost of a replacement. Any loss must be immediately reported to either the Main Office or the Technology Department.

In the event of theft a police report must be filed and a copy submitted to the main office before a replacement will be issued.

Loss or thefts must be reported immediately to the Technology Department. In many cases the device can be quickly tracked and recovered. Students are also encouraged to enable the “Find my iPad” feature in the device settings. This will allow them to track the location of the device through

Unattended iPad

iPads are not to be left unattended. When not in use they are to be stored either in a backpack or locked in the student’s locker. If any faculty or staff finds an unattended iPad they have been instructed to take it to the Main Office. Students will be able to recover it there. Disciplinary action may occur after 3 or more recoveries.

Damage Policy

Each student issued an iPad will be allotted 1 screen replacement per iPad. Any damage to the iPad beyond this will be individually assessed by the administration and reparations will be determined if necessary.

Any damage of an iPad of a malicious or reckless nature will be treated as a Level III infraction #24, Damage to school/Church/community property.

Cases and Accessories

Students are not permitted to change the case on their school issued device. These devices should be kept in the school issued case at all times. If at any time an iPad is observed without the case disciplinary action will be taken. The offense will be treated as Inappropriate use of technology, Level II infraction #18, resulting in a mandatory 60 minute detention.

Students are permitted to use accessories with their iPad so long as it does not require removal or modification to the school issued case. For example a standalone bluetooth keyboard is permitted for use, but a keyboard with a built in case is not.

Students are issued a charging cable and wall adapter with their iPad. If lost or damaged the student will need to purchase their own replacement. No disciplinary action will be taken for the loss of charging equipment. The student will however still be expected to have the device charged enough for their school day.

  • Tips to stay prepared

    • If the student has a history of loss or damage to cords purchase of a backup charger and cable is suggested.

    • If an accident occurs the night before the student should complete any work needed and shutdown the iPad completely for the night to preserve the remaining charge.

    • If necessary the student should make arrangements with a classmate to arrive early for school and charge. (Tip: iPads charge faster in airplane mode.)

    • Loaner cables will be available for use at school if needed. These cables cannot be taken home.

    • The student should immediately communicate with their first period teacher and coordinate time to charge during class. This should be done the night before.


Students are responsible to maintain enough storage on their iPads for school issued books, apps, and class materials. Students are permitted to store personal materials on their device until a time that storage becomes scarce. In the event that a student is instructed to download class materials (app, book document etc) and that student cannot quickly comply with that request due to personal materials using storage space, the student will face disciplinary action. Failure to comply may result in a Level I infraction #3 “Lack of class materials” as available storage is a class material.

Recording Policy

Students are not to use the audio video or still picture recording features of this device without expressed permission of the subject being recorded. For example, if you would like to take audio recordings of class lectures you would first have to obtain permission for the teacher. This rule also applies to other students and staff as well. Failure to comply with the recording policy will be treated as  inappropriate use of technology (Level II infraction #18) resulting in a mandatory 60 minute detention..

Internet Access

While on school grounds students are not permitted to connect to any wireless access point not owned by the school. This includes access points of neighboring houses and cellular hotspots. Any violation of this policy can be treated as a Level II infraction #18) resulting in a mandatory 60 minute detention.

Students are permitted to connect to any wireless connection available while off school grounds such as businesses and home. The school will not employ filtering on the devices outside of the schools network, however to we reserve the right to implement filtering at any time that the administration deems suitable.

Social Networking

Social networking apps and websites are prohibited from use in the school at any time. This includes photo sharing and 3rd party messaging apps.

Media Playback Policy

Students are required to use headphones when listening to music or watching videos on the iPads. Playback of media in classrooms, hallways, or any other locations throughout school property without direct permission to do so by faculty or staff is prohibited. This includes before and after school.

Students are also to be aware that they are responsible for screening for inappropriate content. If a teacher gives permission to play media through the speakers the student may receive disciplinary action for any content deemed inappropriate by any faculty and staff.

Restricted Areas

Students are not permitted to have their iPads out in the cafeteria during lunch period, restrooms or locker rooms.

Games and Non-school related Apps.

Students are permitted to install games and other apps onto their iPads so long as they adhere to the storage policy outlined in this document.

Students are not permitted to play any games during school hours (including lunch) on their school issued iPad or any other personal device. Students may only choose to use their iPads for non academic purposes before and after school.

Classroom Policy

The iPads are intended for academic use in class. At the beginning of each class every student is required, without being instructed by the teacher, to close all running apps on their iPad. A student must comply immediately with a request from a faculty member to view their running apps. If there is any app running which the current classes teacher did not instruct the student to use the teacher will issue a Level I infraction #10, “Off task during class”, recorded on the students infraction card.

If a student does not immediately comply with the faculty members request, the student will be issued a Level II infraction #11, “Disobedience to teacher’s directives or disregard for assigned activity”. Resulting in a 60 minute detention.


All data stored or accessible through a students SCCS issued iPad is permitted to be searched by SCCS staff at any time. This includes but is not limited to videos, photos, web history and GPS location data. Certain data can be obtained and logged remotely without student knowledge or consent.

Data Backup

Students are encouraged to backup their iPads regularly. Backing up an iPad can be done through iTunes on any PC or Mac computer for free or students can choose to purchase storage space through iCloud to use Apples automatic backup service. It is highly recommended that students backup all data on their iPads before returning it for summer storage. SCCS will not be retaining any backup data from the student iPads.


Students are to arrive at school each morning with a fully charged iPad. If a student does not have sufficient battery to perform a task when instructed to by a teacher that student will be issued a Level I infraction #3 “Lack of class materials”. The teacher may choose to allow the student access to a charger during class to complete the lesson.

If a student is consistently not prepared for class it is within the teachers right to issue a Level II infraction #19 for chronic or repeated Level I infraction, resulting in a 60 minute detention.

The loss or damage of a charging cable or adapter will not be an acceptable excuse.

Appropriate Materials

Downloading, transmitting or viewing any inappropriate materials will result in disciplinary action. Inappropriate materials include, but are not limited to, illegal, discriminatory, racist, pornographic, sexually explicit, crude or obscene apps pictures websites etc. Violating any of these will result in the student receiving a Level III infraction #30 which carries a mandatory 90 minute detention.

Proper Care Tips

  • Do not leave the iPad in direct sunlight or in a hot or extremely cold car.

  • Do not consume food or drink while using the iPad.

  • Do not take the iPad out of the protective case.

  • Do not use the iPad near bodies of water.

Policy Changes

The school reserves the right to modify the acceptable use policy as it sees fit with the school and students’ best interest in mind.

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